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Inside Job


Freelance operative Ryuhei is new to the business but he's well trained and eager. He's about to set out on his first mission, a quick smash and grab. All he has to do is work his way through three floors of guards and locked doors and get inside the vault.

But who is the man watching over this building? What is in the vault that is worth this much trouble? What's really going on here?


Windows Version (18.7MB)
Mac Version (23.0MB)
Unity Source (100MB)



This was created to be my Ludum Dare 18 game, with the idea of finishing in 72 hours as part of the Ludum Dare Jam. I'd realy stuggled with the theme and this was the only thing that particulary inspired me. However the project was way too ambitious to be finished in such a short time frame. So I decided to spend a bit more time on it over the following weeks to finish it up into the game it is now.


This game and its source code is made available under a Creative Commons license. You can use this in your own work as long as I'm credited.

Creative Commons License

Welcome to the home of Locked Door Puzzle, the independent game development studio of Richard Perrin located in Bristol.

My primary focus is on creating expressive games that explore different forms of interactive storytelling.

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